Hello Again!

So after a couple months of hiatus from blogging, I am back again! The break was pretty nice. Blogging sort of lost its fun, and I really never wanted to do it because it was an obligation or anything. But I’ve been inspired to start again, so let’s see where this takes us.

I just started school again (FINALLY) after a couple months off. When I came home from UMD, I had already missed the chance to start winter quarter at the college near me. I had to wait until spring quarter began, which was only last Monday. Although it sounded fun at first to have a couple months off, it was anything but. Okay…maybe in the beginning. But I was getting seriously stir-crazy. It is SO hard to find a job right now, and I’ve totally been working on it. There’s a prospective job out there right now, so fingers crossed I get it.

I’m taking biology and Spanish right now. At UMD, I was a journalism major. I’m really hoping to get into UW for fall. We’ll see how this bio class goes because that’s what I’m hoping my new major to be 🙂 I would love to get into the medical field, but I just don’t know if my brain is equipped to handle math and science…it hasn’t been proven in the past but I’m prepared to work hard. I truly love nutrition and health, and would love a career that incorporates both.

Anywho, you’ll be hearing a lot about school in the upcoming months I’m sure.

So, food is something that is very important to me and also to my family. We love entertaining and do it all the time. My sisters and I have fun baking, cooking, and trying out new recipes together. Just to give you an idea of what we’re about, here’s a slew of pictures from the past couple months!

Homemade Irish Soda Bread is SO easy and has become one of my new favorite things!

Homemade tamales are one of my favorites.

Bianca made this awesome pavlova on Easter. Topped with fresh whipped cream, strawberries, and crushed toasted almonds.

I made these homemade English muffins a week or two ago. So easy, and fun to do. Nothing beats fresh and homemade food. It’s all about using real ingredients.

Anyway, those are just a SMALL tiny fraction of what my family likes to eat. I fell out of the habit of snapping pictures of all our food.

Something interesting I did this weekend though…I went to VegFest 2010 at the Seattle Center! I went last year and it was so fun. Basically, you pay $8 to get in, and there are just TONS of samples everywhere and products to try. Many were from companies I already knew about (from the store or from seeing them on blogs), but there was a lot of new stuff too.

Amazing donuts from MightyO Donuts.

And the best booth–Dave’s Killer Bread. Oh, how I love this bread. Why must it cost $5.99 a loaf?!

I almost died when I saw the samples of this…

Sin Dawg! After seeing this on so many blogs, I have been dying to try it for so long. Considering it’s not sold in stores and I would have to fork over like 20 bucks to have it, I didn’t think I’d ever get to try it. My sisters and I chatted up the guy working there (after going back for samples two times) and he apparently liked us and gave us a whole free one! Score! So seedy, wheaty, gooey, and delicious. Everything I dreamed it would be. And I’m not dramatic.

Okay, that’s it for now. It’s taken me a solid hour and a half to begin this blog again. Hope you enjoy it!


3 responses to “Hello Again!

  1. How I missed reading your blog! I’m so happy you are back. I can’t wait for more to come.
    Love ya!

  2. teenie! i love your blog!

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