Kind Strangers

This morning after the gym, coming home, and eating breakfast, I was getting ready to head to school. About five minutes before I left, I realized I wanted my ipod to listen to before class started. Of course, I looked in my gym bag and it was not there. I panicked, and started searching everywhere, and definitely in places it never would have been. I was really freaked out, and knew that I must have left it at the gym. It was weird because I honestly never lose things, and never misplace anything.

Once I reached school, I called Gold’s and asked if anyone had turned in an ipod. The woman that answered said that their lost and found was so big that I’d have to come in and look for it. I thought that was weird…anyway just now I went to the gym and told the guy at the front desk that I’d lost my ipod. He opens a drawer right next to him (I don’t know what that other woman was talking about…) and he hands it to me! I was SO happy. I was really going to cry if I’d lost my ipod. So I just want to say thank you to the kind stranger that turned in my ipod instead of taking it đŸ™‚

Whew, long story. Kind of. After school (and the easiest Spanish test ever–seriously took me 5 minutes to do), I headed home, relaxed a little, then made some lunch.

This is the same exact meal I had last night. Spicy black beans on top of coleslaw with a little feta, mixed vegetables, and a fried egg. Also, a little avocado. I overcooked my egg though and it wasn’t all runny like it was last night đŸ˜¦ I hate when that happens.

‘Twas still a great meal though. Complete with tons of Franks hot sauce.

Well, it is a beeeautiful spring day. We haven’t had a nice one in a while. I believe it’s over 65?! I hope it stays like this all weekend.


One response to “Kind Strangers

  1. Lovely meal!!! So colorful and healthy!!! I always forget how amazing black beans are…….

    need to get them back in my life!
    Happy weekend!

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