Cinco de Mayo & Mother’s Day

Wow, long time no post. I’m really not going to be following a schedule with posting. I wish I could get them done during school (I have a long break between classes), but the internet is too slow for it to work 😦

Anywho, we have FINALLY been getting some sunny weather around here! It’s been so gross and rainy for the last few weeks, but the sun decided to emerge on Friday. And it looks like it’s supposed to stay nice for a while. Woo! Yesterday I pulled weeds for 2 hours and I am SO sore today. My back and neck are killing me. But I actually really liked pulling weeds. I enjoyed being in the dirt, getting warm, and listening to my ipod. A few people told me I was weird for liking it so much…

So as everyone knows, Cinco de Mayo was this week. My family isn’t Mexican (although I’ve definitely been asked that…) but of course we look for any reason to cook a good meal. This is what we came up with.

Homemade guacamole of course. I believe this just had the juice of a few limes, cilantro, garlic, salt, and pepper. We pretty much consider it blasphemous to put tomatoes in guacamole. Don’t do it.

Tortilla chips.

My mom makes the best beans. I’m not sure what kind they were. Some kind of red bean. The trick to really creamy beans is to put some of them in the blender or food processor. I don’t like them too liquidy. Mmm.

And the main attraction: tamales! These are one of my favorite things. Inside was some shredded chicken and salsa verde. These were maybe my mom’s best batch to date! We made SO many, and I’m still eating leftovers. So, so good.

My mom made flan for dessert. For anyone that doesn’t know, flan is a custardy dessert. Honestly, it’s not my favorite thing, but my family loves it! And so did this little boy…

We had our neighbors over for dinner, and this guy is so cute. He really likes flan! And please tell me his hair is not the cutest thing ever…

We always use these place settings when we have any kind of Latin party. Haha. I love the red pepper napkin holders.

Okay so fast forward a few days. Friday I had a second interview for a job at this nice pizza place and I got the job on the spot! I am now a hostess πŸ™‚ I was SO happy. It has taken me forever to find a job. I had my first shift yesterday and I think it went well. Working in a restaurant is going to be crazy, but I liked the chaos. Everyone was really helpful, and I enjoyed meeting so many people. I’m actually training at a different store than the one I’ll be working at. They’re opening a new store in the city in a few weeks and apparently it’s going to be huge. I can’t wait! I’m excited to learn about the restaurant business because I hope to contribute to it someday πŸ™‚

As everyone knows, today was Mother’s Day. As tradition goes in this house, it began with breakfast in bed for the special lady.

I’m not sure my mom would appreciate me posting pictures of her in bed, so I’ll just stick to breakfast. Bianca and I decided on some french toast this morning. We used some homemade french bread and dipped it in the standard mixture of milk, eggs, cinnamon, and vanilla. After it soaked, we pressed it in a mixture of crushed Cornflakes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And pecans! After grilling on the stove for a few minutes, we placed it in the oven. Topped off with banana and maple syrup, I’d say we did well! Also, some bacon on the side.

Roses from Dad.

After church and an afternoon of relaxing (at least that’s what I did), Bianca and I got to work on dinner.

My parents got some awesome potatoes at our local farmer’s market yesterday. I love the purple ones!

We started with two great pieces of salmon and ended with…

Homemade salmon burgers. There was chopped yellow and red pepper, garlic, soy sauce, lemon, salt, and pepper in these. I just put the salmon in the food processor and it worked pretty well.

I cooked them on the stove for a couple minutes per side. They got nice and golden.

Bianca made a Romesco sauce for the potatoes. I think that’s what it was called. I really am not sure what was in it. French bread and tomatoes is all I know. It was really good though.

Our friend Anne made this amazing salad. It had cabbage, fried noodles, cilantro, carrot, peanuts, and spring mix in it. Probably more than that. All topped off with a peanut dressing. Amazing. I ate so much of it! I need to work on my salad creativity.

And my plate. It doesn’t look like much, but I swear these plates are huge and like a foot across.

Okay, time to study some biology. Or maybe just go to bed. I’m dead tired and super sore.



3 responses to “Cinco de Mayo & Mother’s Day

  1. first of all that guac and beans look BEYOND AMAZING! omg ur momma must have enjoyed every bit of that breakfast u brought her. and bananas all perfectly sliced ontop.. u know how to spoil sum1 hehe! ur moma is gorgeous πŸ™‚ u two are radiant beauties. o btw, totally laughing at that little boy hehe πŸ™‚ too cute!

  2. That guac looks absolutely heavenly! I made some recently, and I have to admit that I put tomatoes in it, but immediately wished I hadn’t- I ate around them!! Those salmon burgers look awesome as well, looks like a great family dinner!

  3. What fantastic meals!!! Sounds like a great weekend πŸ™‚

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