Muffins & Ice Cream

Today, the feeling struck me that I needed to bake. I feel like that feeling most often comes when it’s a cold and rainy day. According to the 10-day weather forecast, we have a lot of those days in our near future. I have definitely been slacking on my cooking and baking lately, so I really want to start getting more creative in the kitchen. Or at least doing something in the kitchen. I tend to stick to the same meals from day to day, either for convenience or just because they are tasty and satisfying. I’m not sure why I do this, as I love trying new foods and reading about tons of recipes online and everywhere. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve on this!

One of the things I made today was something that I’ve done before. This was Tina’s Pumpkin and Carob Muffins. The only changes I made were using coconut oil instead of canola, chocolate chips instead of carob, and not using flax but an egg instead. The first time I made these muffins I LOVED them. They were extremely moist and were perfect crumbled on top of pumpkin oatmeal. I think I made around 12 regular sized muffins last time, but I switched it up this time around.

Mini muffins on the left, regular muffins on the right. The mini ones are so cute! And would be the perfect after-lunch (or dinner) sweet treat. I know that I always need something sweet after my savory meals, and these will be great. I made more mini muffins than that.

Okay, the other thing I made today was completely new and something I’ve been wanting to test for a while. I was looking through the pantry and came across this…

And what better to make with coconut milk than…ice cream?!

Not going to lie, ice cream is totally my thing. After making it for school all last year (and really, I made so many different ice creams) I feel as though I know what I’m doing. I’ve only ever made it with whole milk and heavy cream, but have always wanted to try using coconut milk. I have a friend who’s been begging for a dairy-free ice cream, and he can totally have this one!

Two cans of coconut milk (full fat) went into the blender, along with a few large spoonfuls of my mom’s homemade raspberry jam. Oh, and 1/2 cup of sugar and a tablespoon of vanilla.

Blended up and poured into the ice cream maker. Do you like our pig statue in the back? My sister Bianca found it in these scary abandoned storage trucks a few minutes from our house. Since then I’ve had some friends go back and get some for themselves. Weird. But it’s actually pretty cute.

This was after about 25-30 minutes I’d say? I never know, I just take it out when it looks and feels ready to me. Not wanting this ice cream to be simply raspberry flavored (although that would be good), I thought of one of my favorite flavor combinations and put it into this ice cream.

Peanut butter and jelly of course! I alternated between layers of ice cream, swirls of jam, and spoonfuls of crunchy peanut butter. Oh, and the ice cream turned out really well. So creamy! I’ve never made an ice cream without eggs and this was great and so simple.

And the finished product. I actually haven’t tried any of it yet, but Grace said it was “one of my best”. Hmm…I hope she wasn’t exaggerating 🙂

I cooked up a few more things this afternoon, but I’ll save it for another post. And I actually do have a few good meals to share!


3 responses to “Muffins & Ice Cream

  1. Tina, the ice cream was delicioso!!! I had 2 spoonfuls, very satisfying, and different. I really like the flavor. Oh, the muffins were great. I can’t wait to crumble up a little one on top of my oatmeal tomorrow.

  2. omg thanks for the muffin link! BOOK MARKED! omg YUMMMMMM ❤

  3. That looks so yummy! We would have a lot of fun in the kitchen together!

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