Carrot Soup & Quinoa

As I mentioned in my last post, the other day I really just felt like being in the kitchen and cooking up some things. It was a cold and rainy day, and what goes better on a day like that than soup? For some unknown reason, I was craving a carrot soup. I don’t think I’ve ever made one before and it was incredibly easy and actually really delicious. I browsed a couple recipes, but just threw some stuff together.

I roasted four peeled and chopped carrots. That was all I had in the fridge. Too bad because I wish I had more of this soup! I just tossed them in some olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little ginger. Roasted at 450 for 20-30 minutes I’d say. Just until they’re nice and caramelized.

I threw those in the blender (after they cooled a little bit) along with the pumpkin leftover from the muffins I’d made. Probably about 1/2 cup or so. I poured in chicken broth and blended until it reached my desired consistency. Not too thin, but with some viscosity. Wow…pulling out words from 11th grade chemistry! I hated that class. Pretty much science in general isn’t too great for me. Unless it has to do with nutrition and health, it really doesn’t hold my interest.

My food presentation skills amaze me. Tupperware is the new china. I seasoned this with just some salt and pepper I believe.

Grace enjoyed a bowl of it for dinner, along with the quinoa dish I made, a fried egg, and some crackers! I love making people dinner 🙂

Speaking of quinoa, I’ll show you how I made it! I learned this from my Uncle Raul while I was living in Maryland. I tried some of this at his house and demanded to know how to make it. It’s so simple, but it’s different than any way I’ve had quinoa before. My mom had some and said it was just the way her mom used to make it. I was texting my uncle while cooking and making sure I was doing it right! He was a wonderful help.

First, chop up 3 cloves of garlic and half an onion. Or whatever amount of the two you’d like. My family just loves both.

Let those caramelize for a few minutes. I realize this photo is focused on the pot and not the food! My bad!

I added 1.5 cups of quinoa, 3 cups chicken broth (what I had), and 1.5 cups of water. The ratio is three parts liquid to one part quinoa. Now let that come to a boil for a few minutes, then turn it down to a simmer until the liquid is absorbed.

I feel like it’s hard to make quinoa look good. Or maybe it does look good to you? Because let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS! I actually let it simmer too long and added a half cup or so more water. It has more of a risotto consistency than rice. Does that make sense? It makes sense to me. Like my cute orange phone? I do!

I also stirred some feta into it. My uncle suggested farmer’s cheese. This worked. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and cayenne (maybe a bit too much for some people), and it was done. My family has been gobbling it up. I’m definitely going to make a bigger batch next time. And there will be a next time.

I had some for dinner of course! Along with a fried egg and broccoli. Loved having that yolk spill over onto the quinoa. Oh, and by the time I got around to making my dinner, the quinoa needed to be warmed up and seeing as we don’t have a microwave, I did it on the stove. It got a little crispy in some parts and was even better than before!


Alright, tonight’s pizza night with some friends! I may or may not capture pictures. We’ll see 🙂


2 responses to “Carrot Soup & Quinoa

  1. haha tupperware is totally the new china!!

    roasting the veg before putting them in the blender totally makes a huge difference! such a great flavor.. im so used to them being boiled before.. but yuk.. not as good!

    eggs with dinner is awesome! that meal looks so amazing- quinoa and broccoli ❤

    enjoy the pizza!!! have fun with ur friends ❤

  2. Tina girl, i’ve missed ya! hope ur doing okay and HAVING LOTS OF SUMMER FUN! ❤

    Take Care Love ❤

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